OEM Claim Settlement

This document explains the process by which an existing OEM claim is processed for settlement.

In this claim situation, a dealer will have submitted a claim to an OEM which will result in an agreed amount being reimbursed as a credit during settlement. The use of a claim type and claim category in 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B), designed specifically for the OEM claim process, ensures that the claim is processed correctly with the correct direction of reimbursement.


A claim MCO is created for an existing OEM claim and the dealer receives a credit reimbursement for the agreed claim amount.

Before you start

An OEM claim with valid lines must exist in (MOS750) and (MOS751).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B).

  2. Select the claim number using the available sorting orders.

  3. In (MOS750/B), select option 11='Claim Lines'.

  4. Review and update the information in (MOS751/E). Editable fields, controlled by the variance settings in (MOS755/E) are 'Approved pct', 'Approved qty', 'Approved amount', and 'Remark'.

  5. To approve 'amount' and 'quantity' based on requested amount and quantity, select option 11='Approve Requested Amount'. To approve amount and quantity other than requested, use basic option 'Change' and update the approved fields as needed. Perform this activity for all the lines.

  6. Select related option 13='Ready' to update status from 20 'Open' to 30-'Ready'.

  7. Select related option 20='Accept' to update status from 30 'Ready' to 60 'Accept'. In this step a claim MCO is created 'Ready for Invoicing' in 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100). Message 'MCO XYZ has been created' is displayed. If approved amount matches exactly the requested amount (100% settled), status on the warranty claim is set to '60-Accept', otherwise status will be set to '70-Partially Accept'.

  8. Invoice the MCO using Print MCO Invoice.

  9. The credit note associated with the OEM claim MCO is processed.

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