Enter Standard Numbering System

This procedure is used to enter a standard numbering system and results in a standard numbering system consisting of numbering levels. For each of the numbering levels, either a permitted range or few permitted numbers have been specified.

Follow These Steps

  1. Select 'Standard Numbering System. Open' (CRS247) and set panel sequence E1.

  2. Create a numbering system by entering a standard numbering system ID (1 character) and selecting New to display the E panel.

  3. Specify a status, a description and a name.

  4. Specify whether the position numbers should carry significance. If this is selected, the system will ensure that the position and equipment numbering follows the level logic and standard numbering levels.

  5. Specify a level logic. The level logic determines how many positions each level contains. Example: If 001122 is entered, the first level contains two positions, the second level contains two positions and the third level also contains two positions. Press Enter to display 'Standard Numbering Level. Open' (CRS248/B).

  6. Create a numbering level by entering a standard numbering level ID (max. 2-digit numeric). Select New to display the E panel.

  7. Enter a valid level status, a name and a description. Also specify whether the item file should be checked when you register configuration positions.

  8. Enter the start position and end position.

    If you want the numbering system control to be made against a range of values such as 00–99, AA–ZZ, enter the From and To values for the range. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to add additional numbering levels.

    If you want the control to be made against a specific number/character such as 10, leave the range fields blank and go to the next step.

  9. Enter option 11 next to the numbering level for which you want to enter specific numbering IDs. 'Standard Numbering ID. Open' (CRS249/B) is displayed.

  10. Create a standard numbering ID by entering the function area (specific number/character). Select New to display the E panel.

  11. Complete the information on the E panel and press Enter to finish.

  12. Repeat creating a standard number and complete the information on the E panel if you wish to add additional standard numbering IDs.