Define Document Structure

This procedure is used to define a document structure.

Before You Start

Before the procedure can begin, the documents to be included in the document structure must be registered in 'Document. Open' (CRS230).

If document revisions are to be used, these must be defined in 'Document. Revise' (CRS233).

Follow These Steps

  1. Select 'Document. Open Structure' (ECS410) and set panel sequence E1.

  2. Enter the Document ID of the document for which you wish to create a structure and select New to display the E panel.

  3. Complete the information in panel E. If you do not enter anything in the Remarks field, the description from the person entered in the Responsible field will be entered automatically when the panel is exited. Press Enter to display 'Document Structure. Open Lines' (ECS411).

  4. To define subdocuments, select sorting order 1. To define the documents in which the selected document is a subdocument, enter sorting order 2.

  5. Enter the ID of the subdocument and an optional revision from which the subdocument is valid (sorting order 1) or the superior document (sorting order 2), and select New to display the E panel.

  6. Complete the information in panel E. This information includes an optional revision to which the subdocument is valid. Press Enter to finish.