Connect Operation to Alternate Routing

This procedure is used to connect an operation to alternative routings.

Note: Each operation can be specified to be included in different routings.

Before You Start

Before you connect an operation to other routings, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Select 'Service. Open' (MOS300).

  2. Specify option 12='Product Structure' for the product which will contain the alternate routings. This starts 'Product. Connect Materials/Operations' (PDS002).

  3. Specify option 17='Alt routing / op' for the operation to be connected to one or more alternate routings. This starts 'Operation. Connect Alternate Routings' (PDS008).

  4. Specify the alternate routings in which the operation will be included. Press Enter to save.

  5. To connect more operations to alternate routings, go to step 2. Otherwise, end the program using F3 = End.


The result of this procedure is the creation of alternate routings.

Note: An alternate routing will contain all operations connected to it as described in this procedure. In addition, operations not connected to any alternate routing will also be included, that is, those operations that are not processed through this procedure.
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