Enter Hourly Costs per Work Center

This procedure is used to enter hourly costs per work center. The costs are for all costing types that are defined in (PCS005).

Before You Start

Before you enter hourly costs per work center, at least one work center must be entered.

Costing components must be defined in 'Costing Component. Open' (PCS010).

Costing types must be defined in 'Costing Type. Open' (PCS005). These define the fields that are displayed in (PCS100) and (PCS120).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010). Highlight the work center for which to define costs and select option 11='W/C Rates' to display 'Costing Component. Enter W/C Rates' (PCS100/G).

  2. Specify a costing component and a start date. Select New to display the E panel.

  3. Enter the costing prices for the selected costing component and press Enter to finish.

  4. If you want to enter costing rates with more detailed information, highlight the costing component and select option 12='Enter Costing Rates' to display 'Costing Component. Create Cost Rates' (PCS120). This program allows you to enter costs in a more detailed way. It is, for example, possible to set a cost per employee within a work center.


This procedure results in one or more sets of hourly costs per costing component and work center. Each set is valid for the specified date to the next date of the same costing type and work center.

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