Enter Queue and Transportation Times

This procedure is used to enter or maintain queue and transportation times. These are used to calculate lead times for services.

A positive queue and transportation time increases lead time, and a negative value decreases it. Overlapping occurs when the queue and transportation time is negative.

Before You Start

Before you begin to enter queue and transportation times, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Select 'Work Center. Enter Queue & Transit Time' (PDS020).

  2. Create a queue time by specifying From and To work center.

  3. Specify the queue value in panel E.

  4. To end use F3 = End.


This procedure results in queue and transportation times which are used in calculating lead times of the product, as well as start and finish times for a work order and included operations.

The start time for the operation is also the basis for calculating material requirement times for work orders.

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