Enter Operation in Routing

This procedure is used to enter and maintain operations in a routing.

Before You Start

Before you begin to enter an operation in a routing, the following prerequisites must be met:

Depending on the functionality, the following prerequisites may need to be met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Select program Work with Service Definitions (MOS300). Highlight a service and select option 12='Product Structure' . Panel U in program PDS002 (sorting order 3) is then displayed.

  2. Enter an operation in routing by specifying the operation number, work center, and any validity date. Information regarding the operation is retrieved from the work center.

    If the operation is already found on another service where the product and the structure type are the same, press F4 and select the operation you wish to include in this service product.

    Note:  If you wish to delete an operation from this service with option 4, it will not be deleted physically as it can be connected to another service. If you wish to delete it from all services, use inqury type 1 or 2.
  3. Verify, change, and/or supplement the information in either the full screen or detail panels G and H. Add any operation text using function key F6 = Text.

  4. If needed, material entry can be supplemented in accordance with steps 6 and 7. End the program using F3 = End.

  5. Alternate Routings

    In (PDS002), specify option 17='Alternate routings' to start 'Operation. Connect Alternate Routings' (PDS008). Specify the routings in which the operation is to be included.

  6. End the program using F3=End.


This procedure results in entry of one or more operations for a product, thereby making up its routing.

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