Disturbance Management

This process is used to create a disturbance record and register relevant information about the disturbance.

A disturbance is created as the result of an abnormal event that occurred in connection with flight or ground operation.

A disturbance differs from complaint in that the operational status of the aircraft is not downgraded to unserviceable when a record is created..

Before you start

Before the process can be started, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow these steps to create a disturbance record.

  1. Register Disturbance

    Disturbances are registered in 'Disturbance. Open' (MOS510). Disturbances are the result of abnormal events that occur in connection with flight or ground operations and as such are always registered for an aircraft.

    When registering a disturbance, a disturbance type must be specified. In addition to generating the disturbance ID, the disturbance type determines the opening panel that will be displayed.

  2. Define Disturbance Types

    Disturbance types are defined in 'Disturbance Type. Open' (MOS570). The disturbance type is used for the following purposes:

    • To categorize disturbances.
    • To specify the number series that is used to generate the disturbance ID. The number series for the disturbance ID must be defined in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165) with number series type 96.
    • To specify if the panel for registering flight or ground disturbances should be displayed.
    • Add Comments

      For each disturbance, comments from different persons and authorities can be registered in 'Disturbance. Open Comments' (MOS530).

      Once a comment is registered, the field Comments in (MOS510/G) is updated.

    • Create Investigations

      For each disturbance, an investigation record can be created while in 'Disturbance. Open' (MOS510/B) using option 13=Investigations.

      In addition to standard information (e.g., date, person responsible and decision), a reference can be made to a document containing detailed information about the investigation.

      After the investigation is registered, the investigation number is updated (MOS510/G).

      Note:  The investigation number is generated using number series type 96, and number series G which must be defined in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).
    • Add Related Complaint

      A related complaint can be created for a disturbance using option 7='Create Complaint' while in 'Disturbance. Open' (MOS510/B).

      Once the complaint is registered, a confirmation is made to relate the complaint to the disturbance.

      The following information is updated upon confirmation:

      • 'Complaint. Open' (MOS500/G) is updated is the related disturbance ID.
      • 'Disturbance. Open' (MOS510/G) is updated is the related complaint ID.
  3. When a disturbance is registered, its status is set to 20 (definite).

Note: Unlike a complaint, a disturbance does not affect the operational status of the aircraft and must be manually closed by changing the status to 80.