Data Collection and Monitoring

The purpose of the process is to gather all information pertaining to the work orders on the shop floor. The process is complete after all operations are completed and the work order is closed.

Before you start

The process can be started when the work order is released onto the shop floor. This is indicated by work order status 20 = Definite.


Data collection includes recording, verifying, and sometimes changing information. The method for collecting information can vary from manual reporting to automatic reporting. Data should be collected as often as possible.

The information is verified and updated so that there are no mistakes. In addition, certain information must be approved before it can be transferred to other areas (for example, payroll data). Data collection can even be integrated with the attendance system and externally connected equipment.

This diagram shows the activities involved in data collection and monitoring.

Report material

The report material activity must be performed to ensure that inventory levels are correct and that the appropriate costs are assigned to the order. The material issue method for an item/warehouse determines how material is reported. Material can be issued and reported as follows:

Report time

The operation reporting activity ensures that the correct times and associated costs are assigned to a work order. As information is reported, the status of the operation and order header are updated. Operation reporting can be performed according to two principles:

Report operation time

Reporting operation time means that a labor ticket is printed for each operation. On the card, the shop personnel note the time spent and the employee number. The card is then used as the basis for reporting information about the operation. Actual reporting is performed in 'WO Operation. Report' (MOS070).

Report operation start/stop

Reporting operation start/stop means that the start and stop of work (setup time and run time) is reported. Afterwards, the system automatically calculates the time. Reporting can be performed using external equipment, such as a card scanner, or manually on-screen.

Report inspection

In connection with operation reporting, inspection results can be specified for those operations having operation element type 5 (inspection) connected. Using option 'Report Inspection' in 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195) to display 'WO Operation. Report Inspection Result' (MOS085) displays the inspections connected to the operation.

After the inspection results have been reported, the results can be displayed in 'WO Operation. Display Insp Result/Order' (MOS086) or in 'WO Operation. Display Insp Result/Item' (MOS089). This program can be reached through option 'Display inspection result' in (MOS446).

Work order survey

To print a work order survey use 'Work Order. Print Survey' (MOS620), making it possible to monitor a specific work order.

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