Basic Data for Creating Work Center

This procedure should be used when creating new work centers.

The result will be a valid work center linked to availability.

This procedure describes:

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met.

Work Flow

A work center is set up using the following work flow. The panel sequence should be E, F, G, 1 and 2.

  1. Start (PDS010/B) and select sorting order 1. Enter the correct Facility and Work Center codes, then press New to display the E panel.

  2. Enter the name of the work center. If it is part of a larger work center, enter that code in Included in W/C.

  3. Enter the user responsible for the work center in W/C Responsible. If no value is entered, the ID of the user signed on will be used as default.

  4. Enter the codes for Department and Planning Area.

  5. Select the Resource Type. (Internal = 9, External or contract people = 2) and the Work Center type. The Work Center type groups work centers together and allows the system to automatically assign the work center when consolidated facilities are used.

  6. Specify whether the work center is a resource for quality inspection and whether the work center is a production line (these fields are not used in Maintenance and should not be selected).

  7. Enter a cost center and the Capacity of the work center and Capacity Type 2. Also specify an alternate capacity and alternate U/M (optional fields).

  8. Enter the number of persons (No. Persons) available within the work center and the number of shifts (No. Shifts) worked per day, if available. Also specify a shift pattern.

  9. Enter the likely utilization factor and planning horizon for the work center.

  10. Enter the number of days that daily resource planning should be available in Daily Load Level, and set the Production Rate Code to 0. Then enter the number of weeks ahead that weekly resource planning should be available. Press Enter.

  11. Panel F parameters are as follows:

  12. Set load reduction method to 2 and activate the Auto Receipt option to allow the work order header to be offered for closure when the last operation is closed. If approval of operations is required then set Auto-reporting to 1

  13. Panel G parameters are as follows:

  14. The planned number of workers and planned number for setup are normally set and act as defaults for work order operations.

  15. Cost and capacity should be entered as follows.

  16. Select option 11 from the main work center screen (or use panel sequence 1 and 2) to define cost rates, these will normally be of the type Bxx.

  17. Select option 12 from the main work center screen to create capacity for the work center. Option F14 within this option can also be used to create capacity for ranges of data.

  18. If people are to be allocated to work order operations then the following section should be used

  19. Select option 14, operation elements from the main work center screen in PDS010. Create a new operation element of type 2 with an element of ID of your choice. The system will then assign users against this element later in the work order cycle.

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