Create Numbering Series

This procedure must be used when M3 Plant Maintenance module is first installed. Numbering series define a number of numbering systems used in the module against equipment, work orders, work order proposals and so on.

Before you start

Authority must be available in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create a numbering series in (CRS165).

  1. Define the following series:

    01 - Customer order

    10 - Reporting number

    17 - Scrap numbers

    18 - Configurator

    28 - Original ID (used for positions and equipment)

    29 - Work orders

    38 - Work order requests

    39 - Workscope

    92 - Document numbers

    98 - Installation and Removal

    99 - Exchange owner

  2. Enter one of the above numbers in the Serial Type field.

  3. Enter the numbering series. This defines the different series of numbering systems to be used within a particular series type. In type 29, work orders, it may be useful to have several different work order numbering systems. The numbering series is alphanumeric.

    Note: Some series must have specific series, check the on-line help. Press New.
  4. Enter a name and a start number. The first number in the series can be entered. If left blank, the system will begin at 1.

  5. Enter the final number in the series. The numbering series within a particular series type must not overlap. The last number is generated by M3 and is automatically updated. Care should be taken when changing this number after records have been created.

  6. Check digit functionality in the corresponding field. For Plant Maintenance, this would normally be 0.

  7. Enter the date when this numbering sequence should be replaced in the New Series From field. This can only be used in conjunction with the new series. This can be useful to automatically begin a new numbering system, for example at the beginning of a new year.

  8. Enter the new series that should replace the existing one. Press Enter to save.

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