Feedback of Multiple Labor Hours Against Operation

This procedure should be used when multiple employees have been working on an operation and they need to feedback back their working time.

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

These steps define how to feed back multiple labor hours against a work order operation using MOS070. This can be accessed directly from the menu or, more usually, from 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195), option 'Report operation'. In each case, option F14 is available to access the correct panel.

  1. Press F14 from MOS070. Enter a valid employee number and click Create.

  2. The Pay Element field is numeric only. If it is defined in the work center, the value defined there will be used as a default.

  3. Enter the actual time spend on the operation for this employee in Used Lab Run Tm.

  4. Enter any setup time that was used in Used Lab Setup Tm.

  5. The WO Qty should contain a 1. It should not be changed.

  6. The Unit Price will be taken from the work center. It is entered here only in special circumstances.

  7. The Setup price will be taken from the work center is only entered here in special circumstances.

  8. The Total Amount will default from the unit price (if entered) when the record is saved. In normal circumstances, this field is not used. Press Enter to save the entry.

  9. Additional employee numbers can then be entered to create further transactions.

  10. Exit back to MOS070 and press Enter, if you do not do this the labor transactions will be lost!

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