Manual Feedback of Meter Readings

Use this procedure to manually report meter readings if you do not use the procedure for log reporting (FLS programs) and if manufacturing meters are not updated automatically.

Meter information is mainly used for scheduling preventive services, rescheduling service definitions and work order proposals, and for service history.


The result is an updated meter. Meter readings can be viewed in 'Equipment/Ser Item. Open Meter Reading' (MMS241).

Before you start

These prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow these steps to manually enter a meter reading in 'Equipment. Report Meter Reading' (MOS160).

  1. Select F13 and define the settings. The 'Dsp Site Indiv' field with settings (F13) must be selected if meter readings are being reported for a planning position. If the reading is for equipment, this option should be blank. The operating cycle type should also be entered.

    Note: In Plant Maintenance, reporting will almost always be for a planning position. These readings then cascade down to the equipment and positions below the planning position.

    Click Enter.

  2. Select sorting order 1 or sorting order 11 for full screen entry on the B-panel.

    • If reporting for equipment, the item or equipment and serial numbers must be specified.
    • If reporting for a position, the site and position must be specified. The position must be a planning position, or an error message will be displayed.
  3. Highlight the meter you want to update and select Edit to display the E-panel.

  4. Specify the meter value in the 'Report Value' field. If the meter has been replaced, the replaced meter value is displayed in the 'Repl Meter Val' field.

    The 'Start Time' and 'End Time' fields can be left blank.

  5. Specify whether the entered meter value is an estimated value, that is, an unknown value. Press Enter.

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