Generate Recurring Work Order Requests Manually

This procedure should be used to manually create recurring work order requests from service definitions. These recurring work order requests would be, for example, preventative maintenance jobs.

The result will be work order requests generated from service definitions.

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to generate work order requests from services manually in (MOS170).

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170).

  2. Select sorting order 12 or 14.

  3. Enter the site and planning position if using sorting order 12, or the item/equipment and serial number if using sorting order 14.

  4. Press F18=Regenerate. A message will be displayed when regeneration is complete. Press F5 to refresh the screen.

Note: On a large database this may take some time. Once complete, all services for the planning position and below, or for the equipment, will be generated.

The work order requests can then be released together.

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