Change Work Order Operation

This procedure should be used when an existing work order operation needs to be changed.

The result will be updated operational information.

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to change the details associated with a work order operation.

  1. Select 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195).

  2. Highlight the operation and select option 'Change Operation' to display (MOS101).

  3. Make the necessary changes. The main data elements may not be edited.

  4. Press Enter to save the changes. Additional panels may be displayed (MOS101/H/I/J/T). The details of this panel may also be edited in some cases.

  5. If data had been changed which affects planning, the system will automatically display the replanning screen. You should enter either a start date or a finish date. The system will then replan the operation and work order accordingly. Note: On a large job with a tight finish date, the system may suggest a start date before the current date. Press Enter to save the changes.

  6. The status of the work order will indicate a change is in process (x2), no further changes are permitted until this has completed

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