Add Operations to Work Order

This procedure should be used to add operations to a work order.

The result will be a valid operation.

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to add operations to work orders. This procedure can be carried out from one of two starting points:

Whichever route is chosen, the (MOS101/B1) panel will be displayed. The panel will display the operations already defined within the work order. Then complete the procedure.

  1. Select sorting order 1 and panels GH.

  2. Leave the Sequence number (Sno) field blank. The sequence number is not used when defining operations.

  3. Enter the operation number in the Operator field (Op). This may be 1…2, 10…20, and so on. This number must be unique.

  4. Enter the work center code in Comp no/ Wrk ctr.

  5. Press New. The system will display 'Work Order. Open Lines' (MOS101/G).

  6. Enter the estimated hours to carry out the operation in Estimated Time. Enter the preparation time if required in Setup Time. Enter the external setup time if required in External setup Time.

  7. The Planned number workers and Planned number Setup fields have default values from the work center. They indicate the number of people assigned to an operation or setup.

  8. Press Enter to save. The system will display panel H. To pass this, press Enter.

  9. Upon exiting, the user will be prompted to update the operation schedule. Enter either the start date or the end date, then press Enter to save.

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