Delete Work Order Operation

This procedure should be used when deleting a work order operation.

The result will be the complete removal of the operation.

Before you start

Appropriate access rights to delete must be available for 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100) and work order operations (MOS101).

Follow these steps

  1. From 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100), highlight the work order that contains the operation to be deleted. Select option 11, Material/Operation. The (MOS101), work order lines will be displayed. This procedure can also be carried out from (MOS195), by highlighting the operation and selecting option 'Materials and operations'.

  2. Highlight the operation to be deleted in (MOS101) and select option 4, Delete.

    Press Enter to confirm.

    Note: When deleting the operation, delete also any material lines linked to it.
  3. Press F3 or the Finish button to exit, the rescheduling component (MOS010) will be displayed automatically. Either a start date or finish date must be entered (not both). Press Enter. This will reschedule any other operations associated with the work order.

Note: If there are any transactions against a work order operation then it cannot be deleted.
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