Create Equipment Component Link

This procedure is used when linking components (stock and non-stock parts) to equipment records. M3 Maintenance uses the standard M3 product structure capabilities to provide this functionality.

The result will be a component or parts listing against an equipment record which, if required, can be structured into levels.


Components refer to parts that can be assigned to equipment or jobs such as service definitions, work order proposals and work orders. When working with jobs, components are always assigned to the operation level.

A component can be a stock spare part as well as a non-stock part, manufactured item, or something similar.

Components used in M3 are defined in 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

Before you start

Before the procedure can begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

The procedure can be carried out from PDS001 or from 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240) using option 30 or using the M3 Site Browser (MOS446).

Linking components to equipment is a two-stage procedure. First, create an Equipment Structure. This is a one-time task per component level against a piece of equipment. Once defined, the spare parts can be linked to the equipment structure and therefore the equipment itself. .

Set Up Components for an Equipment Record

  1. From (MMS240), select option 30, Manage Components. From (MOS446), select option 13, Manage Components.

  2. Press F13 and select Enter products — not in item master.

  3. Select panels 1, followed by sorting order 1.

  4. If the spare parts have already been linked to the equipment then the equipment number will be displayed. In this case simple select the equipment and PDS002 will be displayed.

  5. If the equipment is not shown then enter the equipment number and structure type should be entered and a new record created in (PDS001). No details need to be entered, just press Enter until (PDS002) is displayed.

Link Components

  1. From (PDS002), select sorting order 1. Press F13. If non-stock items are to be linked to the equipment, set the parameter Enter components – not in item mater file. The Check operation on material line parameter (page 2 of the parameters panel) should be set off. Note: In sorting order 1, other operations and spare parts linked to service definitions will also be displayed, these can be identified as having Op numbers. To hide these, use sorting order 11.

  2. Enter the sequence number. This defines the order in which the materials will be listed. This number must be unique.

  3. Leave the Operation Number field blank.

  4. Enter the Component Number. This may be a stocked or non-stocked part. (The parameter in F13 must be set to allow the entry of non-stocked parts.) This field can also contain another valid equipment structure code, providing a multi-level structure, and can be exploded in the Plant Browser (MOS446).

  5. Press New. Enter the quantity of the parts used within the sub-assembly (this is not the current balance).

  6. Enter the local name for the component or part in Technical Reference. If the part is a non-stock item, this description must be entered. It is preferable to use this field rather than the item name in the Site Browser (MOS446). Press Enter to save.

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