Maintenance Performance and Costing

Analysis of an organization’s performance is crucial in order to make further improvements. Within M3 Maintenance, an entire component group is set aside for this analysis.


Costs and statistics are calculated in M3 Plant Maintenance through the use of the work order system. Maintenance Performance and Costing provides the basis for logging criteria such as downtime, delays, labor hours, and error codes. Other costs outside of M3 Plant Maintenance, such as spare part and purchase information, are also captured to construct a comprehensive picture.

A powerful routine captures these separate cost elements and collates them in an extensive statistics database. From this database it is possible to analyze a wide range of criteria using standard facilities. It is likely that this database would be updated either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the rate of information change. A system parameter provides an option which controls if only completed work orders should be considered within the statistics or all work orders with any feedback should be considered, the latter is probably desirable.

Cost analysis of the equipment structure is aided an advanced process method used by the database. Any costs specified for the equipment level are not only held there, but also passed upwards into the structure. This would permit analysis in a typical organization for equipment, machine group, line and factory levels. Furthermore, these analysis capabilities are advanced enough to cater to equipment that moves around the plant. In this case, the cost of the unique piece of equipment will also move while still maintaining the integrity of the original position based statistics.

Further cost and statistical analysis is possible by work order, operation, materials, and work center.

Outside M3 Maintenance, tools such as Cognos are available to develop user-defined inquiries and reports.

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