Equipment Components

Equipment components detail the individual stock and non-stock parts linked to a piece of equipment. These components may be stocked (physically held in the store) or non-stocked and purchased directly from the supplier when required. These parts could even be items that are manufactured on demand.


Equipment component information provides the quickest access to parts information when the equipment number is known. Finding this information and consequently the parts themselves during a breakdown can significantly reduce the impact and therefore the cost associated with the breakdown.

Spare part and component information can be quickly retrieved, even when little equipment detail is known. Cross-referencing equipment and spare parts can be useful when setting re-order points for spare parts. By accurately identifying critical equipment that uses a specific part, correct holding levels can be established. Likewise, a check can be made when scrapping equipment to see if the spare parts used on the equipment being scrapped are registered against any other equipment. If not, it may be possible to remove the parts from the warehouse.

Follow these steps

The link to equipment components is defined in 'Product Structures. Open' (PDS001) and (PDS002).

Equipment component parts lists can be created as continuous lists against a piece of equipment. This is the simplest way to set up the system. Ideally, the spare parts should be structured into groups that relate to areas or sub-assemblies of the equipment. This technique, although taking more effort to set up, provides much faster access to spares parts than looking through a long list of all parts.

For example, an agitator may be broken down into the agitator assembly, or motor and gearbox. These assemblies would then be exploded further into the individual parts – both stock and non-stock.

  1. M3 will automatically link spare parts to equipment during the work order closure process.

    The system will check that the spare parts withdrawn for the job are on the equipment's spare parts structure.

  2. If not, the parts will be linked by the system at the top of the parts structure.

    Note: In M3, the spare parts structure is displayed in 'Model/Site. Browse' (MOS446). The full parts assembly structure can be exploded from this program.
  3. If required, a parameter is available to turn off this feature.

These parts listings are also available in the work management areas of the module, when for example raising a planned work order.

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