Plant Maintenance

M3 Plant Maintenance is used to maximize equipment availability and prolong its useful technical lifetime through maximizing the efficient and cost effective use resources, such as labor and materials, and information on statistics and trends.

Plant maintenance covers two core areas: managing equipment information and managing work.

The equipment structure provides an unlimited number of levels consisting of positions (factories, areas, buildings, equipment groups) and equipment (usually physical items at the plant). These are built into a hierarchy to which additional information such as spare parts, drawings, diagnostics, and technical data can be linked.

The work management system allows the definition of pre-defined and recurring inspections known as service definitions. When due, service definitions, along with manual requests and alarms, can then be planned and scheduled as work order requests. When released, these requests become work orders to be completed and then fed back into M3. Work order feedback provides historical information and statistics – critical to improving the cycle of work.

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