IP - M3 Basic Data

The purpose of this document is to describe the programs and information that must be preregistered prior to beginning the initial provisioning (IP) process.

Before you start

There are no prerequisites for registering basic data.

Follow these steps

The following types of basic data that must be registered before starting the initial provisioning process:

When you register the basic data, the information should be registered in the order described.

Configuration basic data

M3 allows IP on not only aircraft but, in principle, any complex component, such as engines. The following information must be predefined:

Item template basic data

This section describes the information that must be registered for the item template before the initial provisioning activities can be started.

  1. 'Item. Open' (MMS001) is used to define the item template that will be used to create M3 records for IP records.

  2. 'Item. Connect Facility' (MMS003) is used to specify parameters for the item template on the facility level. In particular, the main warehouse for the item is specified here.

  3. 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) is used to define the different warehouses in an item can be stored. For each warehouse in which the item is to be stored, an item/warehouse record must be defined.

  4. 'Supplier. Connect Item' (PPS040) is used to define the default supplier connected to the item template.

    When you register an item/supplier record for the template, you can also enter a purchase price together with a valid from and to date.

  5. In 'Purchase Agreement. Open' (PPS100) you can define a purchase agreement for the default supplier. On the agreement lines in 'Purchase Agreement. Open Lines' (PPS101), you can enter a purchase price together with a valid from and to date.

    If the fields Valid From - To date and the Price in 'Supplier. Connect Item' (PPS040) were entered, a general agreement is created automatically with agreement no. 9999998. In addition for the default item, a record is created in 'Purchase Agreement. Open Line' (PPS101).

  6. For each item/supplier record registered in 'Supplier. Connect Item' (PPS040), a record must be registered in 'Supplier Item. Connect Manufacturer' (PPS041).

    Note: A record must not be created in PPS041 if the item template has been specified as having only a single manufacturer in 'Item. Open' (MMS001/I).

IP basic data

After the item basic data has been registered, IP basic data must be registered in the following programs:

Distribution settings (FLS554)

'Settings - Distribution' (FLS554) defines how the recommended order quantity should be distributed amongst the main warehouse and other warehouses. A value is only distributed if a recommended quantity has been specified on the IP tape.

Note: For each manufacturer and model all combinations of spare part class and essentiality class must be registered.

M3 update settings (FLS551)

'Update Settings. Open' (FLS551) is used to define a number of factors regarding how information is to be converted as well as how M3 is to be updated. The table below describes the key fields and their use.

Field Explanation
Item template Defines the item template used to create item records in M3
Create A/C supplier

Specifies if an additional Item/Supplier record should be created for the A/C supplier (in addition to the standard supplier).

0 = No

1 = Yes

Replace item no.

Permits the overlength part no. to be used instead of the normal item no.

0 = No

1 = Yes

Use default supplier

Specifies if the default supplier should be used when a vendor (supplier) is not defined in the IP tape.

0 = No

1 = Yes

Used together with field Default supplier.

Default supplier Specifies the default supplier ID to used when a vendor (supplier) is not defined in the IP tape
Supplier template Specifies the supplier template to use when the supplier specified on the IP tape and the item/supplier combination does not exist for the item template in Work with Item/Suppliers (PPS040).
Configuration update

Specifies LMS segment information should update M3 configuration.

0 = No update

1 = Update Illustrated Parts Catalog (MOS453)

2 = Update Component /Configuration Positions (MOS450)

Item type Specifies the item type to be assigned when M3 records.
Item category Specifies the item category to be assigned when M3 records.

Purchase parameters (FLS553)

For each manufacturer, model and spare parts class purchase order parameters must be defined in 'Settings - Purchase' (FLS553).The table below describes the key fields and their use.

Field Explanation
Main warehouse Specifies the main warehouse for which the PO will be created.
DO type Specifies the distribution order type that will be used for distributing items purchased.
PO type Specifies purchase order type that will be used to create purchase orders
Requested delivery date Specifies the requested delivery date to be entered on the purchase order.
Buyer Specifies the buyer to be entered on the purchase order.
Status Specifies the status to be entered on the purchase order.
Supplier Specifies the supplier to be entered on the purchase order.
Planned quantity The planned quantity that will be entered on the PO in the event the quantity on the provisioning tape is zero

IP responsible per CSN

'Responsible - CSN. Open' (FLS540) is used to create a workflow between the different persons responsible for the IP process.

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