Leasing Check In

This document explains how a check in of leasing equipment is done. The purpose of this process is to keep track of the physical movement of the leased equipment.

During check-in, a requisition order is created to move the equipment from the customer site back to the warehouse.


The following M3 tables are affected:

Before you start

A valid leasing agreement must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100).

Follow These Steps

  1. Terminate leasing agreement

    Locate the agreement and proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Open Lines' (LTS101).

    On the E panel, enter the termination date and a reason code for the termination.

  2. Check in equipment

    Start 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100) and select the leasing agreement number. Select option 11='Order Lines' to proceed to 'Req/Distr Order. Open Lines' (MMS101).

    Enter the requisition order details in (MMS101). When you are finished, close the program.

    Start 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410). Locate the requisition order and select option 11='Picking Lists' to proceed to the picking list for return, 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420).

    Select option 16='Confirm Issues' to send the requisition order for return.

    Close 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420) and 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410).

  3. Verify goods receipt

    Start 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Open Toolbox' (MWS442). From the Goods Receipt Toolbox, you report the equipment has been returned to the warehouse.

    Locate the delivery order and select option 11='Report DO/RO Receipt' to proceed to 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report Details' (MWS445).

    Select option 30='Confirm' to verify that the equipment is returned.

    Close 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report Details' (MWS445) and 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Open Toolbox' (MWS442).

    A planned work order for inspection will automatically be created during goods receipt of the equipment.

  4. Perform inspection

    Note: This step is optional and will only occur if the leasing agreement has been connected to a work order for inspection when the equipment is returned.

    Depending on the parameters for the planned work order, the work order will be manually or automatically released.

    Start 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100) and select the work order for the leasing agreement.

    Select option 16='Report WO Operation' to proceed to 'WO Operation. Report' (MOS070).

    Report and close the operation in (MOS070).

    Close (MOS070) to return to (MOS100). Select option 14='Close Work Order' to proceed to 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050).

    Close the work order in (MOS050).

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