Rental Invoicing

This document explains how to create an invoice proposal based on agreement lines from the rental agreement. You can invoice rental agreements at several points throughout the rental process, but a final invoice must be issued at the end of the rental agreement.


An invoice is created and sent to the customer

The invoiced agreement is used to:

The following M3 tables are affected:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Create invoice proposal

    Start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100) and select option 13='Create invoice proposal'.

  2. Enter invoice information

    Enter an invoice date in the pop-up window. Press enter to close the window.

  3. Confirm invoice information

    Select option 14='Invoice proposal' in (STS100) to proceed to 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update' (STS810).

  4. Approve invoice

    Select option 8='Approve proposal' in (STS810), then select option 9='Invoice' to proceed to 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180).

  5. Print invoice

    From (SOS180), fill in the facility and click Next. The invoice is complete and the invoice is printed.

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