Create a Service by Copying a Work Order

This document explains how to copy an existing work order including changes to a new service.

This can be useful if you have performed planning on a work order and maybe added new operations and materials. Based on the information you acquired can be used to create an accurately defined new service for similar work that will be performed in the future.


A new service is created and set to status 10=Preliminary. If new operations and materials were added to the work order, these will be included in the new service.

The product structure – for the product that the new service refers to – will be updated with new operations and material.

However, changes on existing operations and material on the work order will not update the new service or the product structure.

The service is saved in the MPDSCF table and can be used to create work requests.

Creating service by copying a work order can be used to:

Before you start

'Service. Open' (MOS100) must contain a work order.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100).

  2. Identify the work order that you want to use as a template, highlight it, and select the option 'Copy to service' to access the Q panel.

  3. If the work order is a generic one (service category 4=Blank product), you can change the service category and make the new service valid for a specific item number, function, position, or equipment.

  4. Review and change the item, function, position, or equipment that the new service refers to in the Product field, if applicable.

  5. Review and change the product structure type, if applicable.

  6. Enter a new name that uniquely identifies the service. Press Enter.

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