Credit an Invoice for Maintenance Customer Order

This document explains how you credit an original invoice for a maintenance customer order.

An original invoice can be credited if it contained an incorrect price or if a VAT registration number was missing for the customer.


A credit note is created for the entire original invoice, reversing it in full. The text "Credit note" is printed on the header of the invoice together with a reference to the original invoice number and date. The credit note also contains a VAT summary box with VAT information for both the credit note and the original invoice. Also, an accounting journal and a customer invoice journal are printed.

The customer order on which the original invoice was based is reopened and the customer order lines are set to status 45 (Order is invoiced and credited).

The header of the credit note is saved in the ACUIVH table, the customer order number for each credit note in the ACUIVL table, and the credit note lines are saved in the ACUIVR table.

Following this process, you can send the credit note to the customer or payer.

Note: You might want to create a new debit invoice containing the correct values. You do this by adjusting the customer order and then following the normal routines for managing invoices.

Before you start

An original invoice must have status 99 (Invoice completed). This means that it is transferred to M3 General Ledger and M3 Accounts Receivable.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Maint Invoice. Print Credit' (COS370/E).

  2. Review and adjust the invoice date and accounting date.

  3. Enter the original invoice number and year. Press Enter.

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