Define Component Modification Reference

This document explains how you assign a new item number for items that are modified using engineering order (EO) revision.

Use this instruction when you have defined an engineering order revision in (ECS200). This procedure should be performed for all engineering orders, not only for those that result in an item number change, before you release the engineering orders.


The component modification reference is created for the EO revision.

If a component modification reference is not manually added, one will be automatically created for each item when the EO revision program is run.

Information about the item number change is stored in the EO item number change (AOCHPN) table.

All items that should be assigned new item numbers and that are modified with work orders generated from the engineering order revision are assigned new item numbers when the service history is updated with the engineering order modification. Items that should keep their original item number remain as they were before the modification.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Engineering Order. Open' (ECS200/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the correct engineering order that you have defined previously.

  3. Select the engineering order and select option 14='Mod Ref Comp' to display 'EO Revision. Open Component Modif Ref' (ECS212/B1).

  4. Enter the old item number and the new item number, if a part number change should be performed.

    If the item number does not have to be changed by the modification, simply enter the item number in the old item number field and leave the field for the new item number blank.

  5. Click Create to display the E panel.

  6. Enter if applicable, an instruction and a quantity (optional).

    The instruction can, for example, be a paper document that contains a description of what should be done with the component when the modification is made.

  7. Enter a modification marking.

    The modification marking can be used as a modification ID, marking or stamp that is not the same as the document ID.

    If the engineering order changes the serial number, a modification marking can be used to create the new serial number. For example, *-1 means that the new serial number will add -1 after the old serial number.

  8. Press Enter to finish.

    The information registered here becomes part of the modification history of the serialized item.

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