Approve Activities Related to Engineering Order Revision

This document explains how you approve activities connected to an engineering order (EO) revision.

Follow this instruction when the activities that are connected to an EO revision are complete and you want to make the revision valid for use.



How the System Is Affected

Information about approved activities is stored in Approval signature (AOAPPS).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Engineering Order. Open' (ECS200/B).

  2. Select an sorting order to identify the activity to approve.

    The valid alternatives are: 1 = Activity, 2 = Responsible.

  3. Select option 12='Activity List' to display 'EO Revision. Open Activity List' (ECS202/B1).

    Note that you can add activities on (ECS202/B) panel, if needed.

  4. Select the activity to approve and select option 11=Approve or option 12='Auto-approve'. Continue to step 5 if you selected option 11 for manual approval.

    If you selected automatic approval, the record will be approved with the current user.

  5. Enter a responsible person and a planned finish date. Press Enter to finish.

    Once approved, the status of the activity changes to 20.

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