Reschedule Work Order Operations Using Maintenance Planning Board

The document explains how to reschedule operations that belong to a work order using the Maintenance Planning Board graphical component.

The document explains how to reschedule operations:


The WO operation is moved to a different time, employee or work center. The job can be completed.

A rescheduling program (CPS961) is run when an operation is dropped in a new position on the screen.

Information about the work order is stored in the (MMOHEAD) and (MMOOPE) tables.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Set Basic Settings

  1. Start 'Maintenance Scheduling Board. Open' (MOS199/P).

  2. Select a date format and the site to work with (optional).

    If you enter a site, you can also select by equipment and positions.

    If you do not select a date format, the user's format will be used.

  3. Enter the number of days before and after the planned operation finish date to be displayed (optional).

    The graphical component will normally focus on the selected date, but will display operations that are within the range of days entered. If the fields are left blank, one day before and after is used.

  4. Enter the start and finish time. Press Enter to finish.

    The times entered indicate where the focus is set.

View and Reschedule WO Operation

  1. Start 'Maintenance Scheduling Board. Open' (MOS199/B).

  2. Select a Facility. You can also select on Department, Planning area, Work center, Status, Schedule number, and Equipment and Position if a site is entered on the P panel.

    If you select on Work center and leave the To field blank, operations that belong to the Work center in the From field are displayed.

    The significance of the schedule number depends on how setting 040 on the work order type is defined. This makes it possible to view data such as work order operations that are generated from maintenance customer orders.

    The operations are displayed in colors indicating the operation status.

  3. Use drag and drop to move operations to be rescheduled.

    You can reschedule to a new time, employee or work center, or a combination of these.

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