Link Specific Requirements to Work Order Types

This document explains how you link specific requirements to a work order type. Specific requirements control the successor and predecessor relationship in a network structure. This basically means that the specific requirements define what jobs must be finished before the next job may start.


A structure that determines the order in which different tasks are to be performed when this work order type is used.

The information is stored in the order type specific requirements (MOORDS) table.

Use the order type for jobs with specific requirements.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120/B).

  2. Highlight the work order type and select option 15=Network to display 'Work Order Type. Connect Specific Requirements' (MOS117).

  3. Select the A panel for new entries.

    The A panel is selected on the P panel, which is reached via F13=Settings.

  4. On the A panel, enter the job that is waiting for another job to finish in the correct field in the upper part of the screen.

  5. Enter the job that should be finished in the corresponding field in the lower part of the screen.

  6. Select Create to display the E panel. Press Enter to finish.

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