Defining Maintenance Settings

This document explains how you set up the basic parameters to run M3 Maintenance.


Basic parameters are configured to support the company's procedures.

You can use this information as a basis for configuring separate component groups.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Define Maintenance Settings 2

    These settings control a number of default services that are to be generated at certain points in the work order flow. Examples are services to be generated after removals and installations.

    These settings also control what planning meters are to be defaulted when new equipment is created, and when new position records are created and the next higher position does not have a meter.

    Other basic settings define how the basic settings are to be defaulted in 'Service. Open' (MOS300).

    Define maintenance settings in 'Settings – Maintenance 2' (CRS789).

  2. Define Maintenance Settings 1

    This set of parameters contains a number of defaults within the maintenance system such as order types for equipment installations and removals, default cost model for plant maintenance, default planning horizon and period frame.

    Define these settings in 'Settings – Maintenance 1' (CRS788).

  3. Define Settings for Data Collection

    Define settings for data collection to determine the rules that should apply for operation reporting. These rules are defined per company or per facility and contain for example rules about time calculation, authorization and diagnostics creation.

    Define data collection settings in 'Settings – WO Operation Reporting (MOS991) or 'Settings – Operation Reporting/Facility' (MOS990).

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