Define Error Code 3

This document explains how you define error code 2 in the system.


The error code is defined along with a default service that will be used together with the error code. The system table (CSYTAB) is updated.

Error codes are used when creating diagnostics and when work order operations are reported.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Error Code 3. Open' (MOS569/B).

  2. Enter an identity of the error code. Select New to display the E panel.

  3. Enter a description of the code, and a name (optional).

    The description will be copied to the name if left blank.

  4. Enter a product no/equipment no, a structure type and a service.

    The service that is entered here will be used in certain situations when the error code is used, for example in 'Work Request. Quick Entry' (MOS185).

  5. Press Enter to save.

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