Identify Fully Estimated Work Order and Create Quotation

This document explains how you identify work that is fully estimated and should be quoted. The document also explains how you generate a new quotation.

This activity is normally performed by customer support.


The following tables are affected:

The quotation offers service price information to the customer and also provides an idea of how much time the service is expected to take. You can also use it to find out how much the service will cost you to perform.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Identify Fully Estimated Work Orders

  1. Start 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100/B).

  2. Select a view that is defined against sorting order 2 to display reference order numbers.

  3. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • If the work order is held, enter status Q2 in the status selection fields.
    • If the work order is not held, enter Q2 in the action message selection fields.
  4. Press Enter to display the result.

    Orders with reference order category 7 and status Q2 or action message Q2 are ready to be quoted.

  5. Note or copy the reference order number and order line. Exit the program.

Create Quotation

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100/B).

  2. Select sorting order 1 and enter the reference order number from the work request in the 'Order number' field. Press Enter to display the result.

  3. Highlight the order and select option 'MCO Lines' to display the order lines in (COS101).

  4. Highlight the order line in question and select option 'Create Quotation' for the line for which you want to create a quotation to display 'Maintenance CO. Create Quotation' (COS107).

  5. Select the check box for new quotations if this is not the first quotation you create against the MCO line.

    If you do not select the check box, then the new quotation will overwrite the previous one.

  6. Select a quotation to replace in the Quotation field. Press Enter to finish and create the quotation.

    If you select a number, the quotation with that number will be replaced by the new quotation. Normally, this field is left blank.

    Note: This field is not used when the 'New quotation' check box is selected.
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