Release Quoted and Approved Work Orders to Production

This document explains how you release work orders for which the suggested job content has been approved by the customer.

This is normally done by a manager with production planning responsibility.

This instruction only applies for work orders that are held during the estimation and quoting process.


The work order is released and can be updated with time and material transactions. You can perform and report the work described in the work order product structure.

Work order status information is stored in the work order header (MMOHED) table.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100/B).

  2. Select a view that displays work order status, or select sorting order 2 and enter Q6 in the status selection fields. Press Enter to update.

  3. Highlight the work order with the approved quotation and select option 'Reset QX status' to change the status.

    The work order will be replanned and you need to set a new start or finish date.

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