Eliminate Redundancies for MCO Quotations

This document explains how you remove redundant operations when creating manufacturing customer order (MCO) quotations. Redundant operations are operations that are the same and appear in several services in the same WO structure.


Redundant operations are not included in the MCO quotation.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101).

  2. Highlight the MCO line for which you want to create a quotation and select option 'Create Quotation' to display 'Maint CO. Create Quotation' (COS107/E).

  3. Select Fields for Redundancy Elimination

    Specify how redundancies will be treated in the 'Remove duplicate service/operation' field. If you select alternative 2, continue with step 4.

    The valid alternatives are:


    1=Yes, remove redundant work within the current MCO line

    2=Yes, remove redundant work between multiple MCO lines.

    With alternative 1, netting will be done when equal IDs for product ID, structure type, operation number and sequence number exist.

    If running with 'Multi operations' selected in (MOS400), the service ID will also be checked if equal IDs exist. When 'Multi operations' is activated, released WOs cannot be used for this function since they already have been renumbered and netted (present functionality allows quoting of the entire work scope).

    Note: If you select alternative 2, the following applies:

    Quotations must exist for the current MCO line as well as for the MCO line to which transactions are to be moved.

    With alternative 2, the quotation transactions will be moved to a selected MCO line quotation, and also update the invoice specification. Identical records on this MCO line, and the invoice specification, will be flagged with 1=Rework, which indicates that these records will not be charged.

  4. Specify from which quotation transactions are to be moved, and to which quotation and MCO line. Press Enter to finish.

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