Print and Send Quotation to Customer

This document explains how you print a new quotation and send it to the customer for which it was intended. The document also explains how you update the quotation with additional information, such as validity dates and contact information.


The quotation is updated with a quotation reason and a validity date. Any company-specific information may also have been entered. The quotation is printed and sent to the customer.

The quotation status is raised to printed status 20.


The information in the quotation can be used in the negotiation with the customer.

How the System Is Affected

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

The quotation must exist in 'Maint Quotation. Open Information' (COS115).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Maint Quotation. Open Information' (COS115/B).

    This panel can be reached in the following ways:

    • Via the start menu
    • Via option 'Quotation' in 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101).
  2. Select an sorting order to identify quotations to be printed.

    Sorting order 1 is recommended if you accessed the program from the MCO line.

    Sorting order 3 is recommended if you start the program via the menu, since the records are sorted according to status.

  3. Go to Update Quotation Details if you want to update the quotation details. Go to Print Quotation to print without updating the details.

Update Quotation Details

  1. Highlight the quotation that is to be printed and select basic option Change to display the E panel.

  2. Enter a date to which the quotation is valid and an ordering method.

  3. Enter an optional quotation reason, the delivery time expressed in days and any follow-up activities and dates.

    Quotation reasons are defined in 'Quotation Reason. Open' (CRS260).

    Follow-up activities are defined in 'Quotation Monitoring Activity. Open' (CRS265).

    The delivery time indicates the maximum number of calendar days that may pass between quotation acceptance and delivery. This field is only used for information purposes.

  4. Enter any user-defined information.

  5. Press Enter to save.

Print Quotation

  1. Highlight the quotation to be printed and select option Print to display the E panel.

  2. Make sure all defaulted information is correct and press Enter to display the F panel.

  3. Specify which of the quotation variants to print and press Enter to finish.

    It is possible to print a specific quotation or the latest one that was created against the MCO line.

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