Request Estimate against Work Request

The document explains how you request an estimate against a work request.

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Before you start

Follow These Steps

Request Estimation form MCO line

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101/B).

    You reach this panel by highlighting the maintenance CO in (COS100) and selecting option 'MCO Lines'.

  2. Highlight the MCO line and select Change to display the E panel.

  3. Select service price method 9=Quotation.

  4. Press Enter to finish.

Request Estimate from Work Request

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170/B).

  2. Select sorting order 13 to display work requests that are connected to maintenance customer orders.

  3. Highlight the work request and select option 'Estimate required'.

Request Estimate from Work Request Operation

  1. Highlight the work request in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170/B) and select option 'Materials and operations' to display 'Work Request. Open Line' (MOS171).

  2. Highlight the operation and select option 'Estimate required'.

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