Managing Basic Maintenance Customer Order Quotations

This document explains how you create and work with quotations against maintenance customer order (MCO) lines.

Use this process when a customer requests service price information for a job that is ordered.


One or more quotations are created and the customer has either accepted or rejected a quotation.


The work that is connected to the maintenance customer order can be planned and started.

How the System Is Affected

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Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Managing Maintenance Customer Order Quotations must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Create New Quotation

    Create new quotations against either the service bill of material or an existing work order and its current product structure. This step can be repeated to create up to nine quotations against the same job.

    Create quotations in 'Maintenance Customer Order. Create Quotation' (COS107).

  2. Print and Send Quotation to Customer

    Print the quotation and send it to the customer via an appropriate media. It is also possible to review the information and enter additional data, such as validity information, within this activity.

    Print quotations in 'Maintenance Quotation. Open Information' (COS115).

  3. Negotiate Quotation

    This activity is mainly done outside of M3, but could involve adjustments in the ordered job to either increase the job contents or to reduce the cost.

    When you and the customer have agreed on a price, it is possible to change the service price method on the MCO line to a fixed price total (SPM 4) and enter the agreed-upon price on the (COS101/E) panel. It is also possible to perform this activity after the customer has accepted the quotation.

  4. Register Customer Response

    Register the response once the customer has decided to accept the quotation or parts of it, or has decided to reject it.

    Register the customer's response in 'Maintenance Quotation. Open Information' (COS115).

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