Managing Service Revisions

This document explains how you manage service revisions. Service revisions are used when you need to define a service or make changes to an existing service and need to be able to track the changes made.

Service revision management should be used when you want to make changes to a service without affecting the live service until all updates are complete.


An existing service in (MOS300) is replaced by a revised service.

The revised service is used in production.

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Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Defining Basic Service Information

    Define or revise the basic information related to a service. The basic service information contains service validity dates, facility information, order types, planning policies and other parameters that control the behavior of the service. The basic service setup also contains information about how to handle service documents, service activity lists, meter limits and multiple products against one service.

  2. Linking Operations, Materials, Skills and Tool Requirements to Service Revision

    Describe the different steps or elements that are contained within each service or revision. These are also called operations. This process also describes how to connect material, skill and tool requirements to operations. Material requirements can also trigger purchase requirements.

  3. Manage Service Relations

    Connect related services to a base service when you want the base service to trigger another service or a group of services. When you define the service relations, you also define how these services are to be sequenced, as well as how they are to affect the scheduling of other services.

    Define relations for service revisions in 'Service Revision. Connect Related' (ECS309).

  4. Transfer to Production

    Transfer the service revision to the production environment in (MOS300) when the service is fully defined. This locks the revision record and prevents it from being changed.

    Transfer revisions in 'Service Revision. Open' (ECS300).

  5. Create Service Costing

    Create service costing for the service revision and any related services. The service costing is based on the facility, the work center and the costs for materials used in the service.

    Perform costing calculations in 'Product Costing. Calculate Service' (PCS235).

    Perform costing calculations for related services in 'Service. Calculate Cost' (MOS345).

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