Add Materials and Purchase Requirements to Service Revision

This document explains how you add materials that will be used in a job to a service revision.

Use this instruction when you want to add new materials or change existing material records.


One or more materials are linked to the service revision, along with information about the required quantity, issue method and purchase requirements if the materials are not kept in stock.

The materials in the product structure will be copied to (MOS300) when the service revision is transferred to production. They will then be copied to the planned work in (MOS170).

The following tables are affected:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Service Revision. Open' (ECS300/B).

  2. Highlight the service revision to which you want to connect new operations and select option 12='Product structure' to display 'Service Revision. Connect Operations and Materials' (ECS312/B).

  3. Select sorting order 1 and panel sequence EFGHI.

  4. Enter a sequence number, the operation number to which the material belongs and the identity of the material. Select New to display the E panel.

    The sequence number is usually defined as 001, 002 … or 010, 020, etc.

  5. Enter a warehouse and a location from which the materials will be picked, and enter the required quantity.

    A warehouse and location will be defaulted if the field is left blank.

  6. Select a valid issue method.

    If you select issue method 0, then the default issue method on the item in (MMS002) will be used.

  7. Set a subcontract control code to specify how purchase orders are to be generated for non-stocked items.

  8. Enter a technical reference if applicable. Press Enter to display the F panel.

    The reference will be copied to the planned purchase order.

  9. Enter a supplier and a component price (optional fields). Press Enter to finish.

    These fields may be used for non-stocked items. The information will be copied to the planned purchase order.

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