Add Multiple Products to Service

This document explains how you connect multiple pieces of equipment or products to a service revision.

Use this instruction when you have defined a service revision that is not linked to a product or a piece of equipment.


Several product or equipment numbers are linked to a single service revision. The Service effectivity (AOMPGM) table is affected (updated).

The service revision will create separate service records in (MOS300) for all equipment or products that were linked to the service revision.

Before you start

A blank service revision must be created in 'Service Effectivity. Open' (ECS300).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service Revision. Open' (ECS300/B).

  2. Highlight the service revision to which products are to be linked and select option 24=Effectivity to display 'Service Revision. Connect Effectivity' (ECS314/B).

  3. Enter a product or equipment number. Also enter a serial number if you want to limit service generation to specific serial numbers. Select New to display the E panel.

  4. Press Enter to confirm and save.

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