Add Skill Requirements to Service Revision

This document explains how you add skill requirements to a service revision.


A skill is linked to the operation.

Information about skills is stored in the Operation routing description (APDOPS) table.

Skills are used primarily for planning and skill validation. Workload can be seen based on skills in 'Load. Display Gantt Chart/Employee' (CPS155).

Skills can also be used for automatic employee allocation, and it is possible to prevent employees without the required skill from logging on to jobs in 'WO Operation. Report Work Start' (MOS820).

Before you start

An operation must be linked to the service revision in 'Service Revision. Connect Op and Mat' (ECS312).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service Revision. Open' (ECS300/B).

  2. Highlight the service revision to which you want to connect new skills and select option 12='Product structure' to display 'Service Revision. Connect Operations and Materials' (ECS312/B).

  3. Highlight the operation to which you want to connect a skill and select option 13='Operation elements' to display 'Service Revision. Connect Op Element' (ECS313/B).

  4. Enter an element number, element type 1 or 2 and the skill identity. Select New to display the E panel.

    If operation element type 1 is selected, then the estimated time to complete each operation should be set up on this level. If 2 is selected, the time to complete the operation should be set up on the operation level.

  5. If applicable, enter a labor skill code and optional text lines. Press Enter to finish.

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