Linking Operations, Materials, Skills and Tool Requirements to Service Revision

This document explains how you add operations, materials, tools, and skill requirements to a service revision.

Use this process when you have defined the basic service revision data.


The following data may be connected to the service revision:

The revision can also be transferred to production if no additional changes should be done.

See related documents for further information.

Before you start

A service revision must be defined in 'Service Revision. Open' (ECS300).

Follow these steps

  1. Add operations and subcontract requirements

    Add operations to, or change existing operations within a service revision. Each job may consist of several elements. For example, a repair of a pump may consist of three steps. First, the pump needs to be cleaned, then taken apart and finally put back together again. The different steps in a service are described in 'Service Revision. Connect Materials/Operations' (ECS312).

    An operation can also be defined as a subcontracted operation where the job is performed by another supplier.

    For each step, you also describe where the work is supposed to be done, how long it takes to perform, and what skill is required. You can describe each step by its elements. This is done in 'Service Revision. Connect Operation Elements' (ECS313).

    For each subcontracted operation, you can define the preferred supplier based on facility group and/or facility. This is done in 'Subcontracting. Connect Supplier' (ECS018).

  2. Add materials and purchase requirements

    The material or spare parts used in each service are also described in (ECS312). For example, a regular car service may use engine oil, spark plugs, and brake pads. Some of the parts may be held in stock and other parts may have to be purchased.

  3. Add tool requirements

    Add tool requirements to operations that are connected to a service revision. Tools are added in (ECS313).

  4. Add skill requirements

    Add skill requirements to operations that are connected to a service revision. Skills are used for planning and validation. However,you can also use skills to ensure that a worker with the appropriate competence is allocated to specific jobs.

    Add skills to operations in (ECS313).

  5. Add documents to operations

    Add documents related to operations. Such documents would typically be instructions, drawings or any other useful documentation.

    Add documents to operations in (ECS313).

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