Register Maintenance Customer Order Details for Material Exchange Order

This document explains how you register a maintenance customer order (MCO) line with the details about a component that will be exchanged.

Use this instruction when you have defined the order header.


These tables are affected:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS101/B).

    This panel can be accessed in these ways:

    • Select the MCO header in 'Maintenance CO. Open Toolbox' (COS280) or 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100) and select related option 11='MCO Lines'.
    • Use panel sequence XX1 when you specify the MCO header (recommended method).
  2. Select the appropriate registration alternative. Use F13 to access the change panel.

    The valid alternatives are 1-'Detailed entry' for each order line and 2-'Fast entry' where the detail panels are only displayed when something goes wrong.

  3. Set an appropriate panel sequence. Press Enter to return to the B panel.

    This instruction is based on panel sequence EF.

  4. Select line type '2' for an exchange order. Specify a value in the 'Service' field if it is blank, the item identity of the component to be exchanged in the 'Product' field, the lot number of the component that you will send to the customer and a quantity. Press Enter to display the E panel.

    The 'Service' field is left blank if the description on the MCO type is blank.

    You can also specify the alias number of the item or the customer's item number. Note, that the item number in (MMS001) is retrieved automatically during entry and used on the picking list and other internal documents.

  5. Set the service price method to 4-'Fixed price'. Press Enter to display the F panel.

    If you do not want to create a distribution order in (MMS100), set the status to '05'.

  6. Specify the date on which the customer wants the component delivered and, if known, the item/serial number combination of the component that the customer will send to you. Press Enter to return to the B panel.

    If you want to specify the exchange component's serial number at order entry, then the serial number must exist in the system. If it does not exist, you must create it in (MMS240). You can access this program by browsing in the 'Serial number' field.

  7. Either press F3 to exit or F12 to access the (COS100/F) panel to generate the order.

    You can specify the item/serial number combination of the customer's component when it is received.

    The order is generated as soon as you leave (COS100). When it is generated, the exchange line status is set to '30'. This indicates that a record is created in (MMS100).

    The record in (MMS100) can be accessed using related option 41='Req/Distr Order' in (COS101/B).

    It is also possible to access the material plan in (MMS080) using related option 42='Material Plan'.

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