Receiving Maintenance Customer Order Object

This document explains how you receive a normal maintenance customer order (MCO) object. The document also explains how you update the object information with, for example, current meter values.


Refer to documents listed in the See Also section for further information about changes in M3 tables.

Before you start

An MCO header must exist in (COS100) with at least one order line with line type 0 in (COS101).

Follow These Steps

  1. Report Component Receipt

    Report the component as received when the customer delivers it to you. When receiving an object, it is possible to enter a serial number if this was not known when the order was entered. Use 'Maint CO. Report Component Receipt' to receive the object.

  2. Update Object Information

    Update the object information while receiving it. Information about the owner, current meter readings, current service status and warranty can be updated. If the object does not exist in the system, it is possible to enter all necessary information.

    Update the object information in 'Equipment. Update History' (MOS290).

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