Register Normal Maintenance Customer Order Details

This document explains how you register a maintenance customer order (MCO) line that contains details about a job that is to be performed.


One or more MCO lines are defined.

An MCO line can be used for these purposes:

These tables are affected:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101/B).

    This panel is accessed in one of these ways:

    • Use panel sequence XXX1 when you specify the MCO header (recommended method).
    • Select the MCO header in (COS280) or (COS100) and select related option 11='MCO Lines'.
  2. Select the appropriate registration alternative. Use F13 to access the change panel.

    The valid alternatives are 1-'Detailed entry' for each order line and 2-'Fast entry' where the detail panels are only displayed when something goes wrong.

  3. Set an appropriate panel sequence. Press Enter to save and return to the B panel.

    This instruction is based on panel sequence EF.

  4. Select line type '0' and select a structure type (when used), a service, and the item number in the 'Product' field.

    You can also specify the alias number of the item or the customer's item number. Note that the item number in (MMS001) is automatically retrieved during entry and used on the picking list and other internal documents.

  5. Specify the lot number (when known) and a quantity. Press Enter to display the E panel.

  6. Adjust the service price method if necessary. Specify the appropriate error codes when used. Press Enter to display the F panel.

    The error codes will appear on the work order. Error codes can also be used to control dynamic payer handling in 'Dynamic Payer Split. Open' (COS493).

    Different service price methods can be used for normal MCOs. These are the valid alternatives:

    • 1-'Time and material'

      Invoicing will be based on the time spent on the job and the materials used.

    • 3-'Power-by-hour'

      Invoicing will be based on the number of meter units that are reported on the maintenance object. The object must be connected to the customer agreement along with meter prices.

    • 4 = Fixed price total

      Invoicing will be based on the price specified in the 'Price in agreement currency' field. Note that this field should not be left blank when price method 4 is used.

    • 5 = Fixed price labor

      Invoicing will be based on a fixed labor price (which is specified in the 'Price in agreement currency' field) and on the materials used.

  7. Specify a planned receipt date if necessary. Press Enter to save.

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