Update Complaint Alert

This document explains how you update the repetitive complaint alerts to generate alarms for components and/or positions with frequent complaints.


Complaint alerts are generated for those components and/or positions with a higher complaint frequency than the frequency specified in 'Complaint Alert Level. Open' (MOS550).

The complaint alerts can be viewed in 'Complaint. Open' (MOS500) and analyzed in 'Complaint Alarm. Open' (MOS505).

Complaint alerts are saved in the complaint alarm file (ADCALM).

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Analyzing Reliability should be met.

Follow These Steps

Define Complaint Alarm Report Version

  1. Start 'Complaint Alarm. Update' (MOS555/B).

  2. Select an identity for the report version and select New to display the E panel.

  3. Select an alarm type to be used for complaint alarms.

    It is a good idea to define an alarm type that is easy to identify as an alarm.

  4. Select From and To values to specify what records should be included in the search.

  5. Specify whether only verified complaints should be included in the search.

  6. Specify the complaint types to be searched or excluded from the search (optional). Also specify whether the complaint types should be included in or excluded from the search. Press Enter to run the search, save and return to the B panel.

Run Previously Saved Search

  1. Start 'Complaint Alarm. Update' (MOS555/B).

  2. Highlight a predefined report and select option 9=Run to display the B panel. Press Enter to run.

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