Analyzing Reliability

This document explains how analyze the reliability of objects, such as vehicles or aircraft, by investigating the number of complaints that have been raised against an object or any of its components during any given period.


A complaint alarm and information about the number of errors that have been reported against an object or any of its positions are generated.

The information can be used as a basis for further investigation or corrective action to avoid future problems.

Refer to the listed documents in the See Also section for information about How the System Is Affected.

Before you start

Complaint alert levels should be defined in 'Complaint Alert Level. Open' (MOS550).

Follow These Steps

  1. Update Complaint Alerts

    You create complaint alerts by running 'Complaint Alarm. Update' (MOS555). You make a number of selections when you update the complaint alerts. Among these are what type of alert complaint should be created, what components should be investigated, and what parts of the configuration and complaint types should be investigated. Your company procedures determine how often these investigations should be performed.

  2. Analyze Complaints

    Analyze why a complaint alarm was created in order to find out why a certain part fails too often. Analyze the alarms in 'Complaint Alarm. Open' (MOS505).

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