Register Subsequent Complaint

This document explains how you register a complaint that is a subsequent to an original complaint.

For example, use this instruction when there is an original complaint raised against the operational unit, such as the aircraft, and an investigation has determined that the problem will be solved by replacing the component.



How the System Is Affected

Information about the subsequent complaint is registered in the following files:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Complaint. Open' (MOS500/B) and highlight the original complaint. Select option 6='Crt subs compl' and select a complaint type to display the E or F panel.

    Which panel will be displayed depends on the settings in the complaint type.

    Information such as the event date, time, sequence number and the registration number is defaulted from the original complaint. This information may be changed.

  2. Follow the related steps in Register Complaints and Decisions to complete the subsequent complaint.

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