Define Complaint Type

This document explains how you define complaint types that are used when you register new complaints.

Use this instruction when you register new complaint types and make changes to existing ones.


Default complaint types that contain rules for how complaints are managed are defined.

The different complaint types are used to:

The information is stored in the following files:

Before you start

A valid number series with number series type 96 must be defined in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Complaint Type. Open' (MOS693/B).

  2. Enter an identity of the new complaint type and select New to display the E panel.

  3. Enter a description and a name.

  4. Specify a predefined number series.

  5. Specify whether complaints should be registered on the E panel or the F panel. Also specify whether it should be possible to enter the complaint and the decision at the same time.

    It is only possible to use simultaneous complaint/decision entry on the E panel.

  6. Specify the status that should be defaulted for each new complaint. Click Enter to finish.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MOS593/B) Complaint type … an identity of the complaint type. The complaint type ID can be used to categorize complaints, such as: Pilot report, non-routine, flight complaint, shop findings.
(MOS593/E) Complaint panel

… the panel that will be used when complaints are registered.

The valid alternatives are:

E = Complaint and evaluation/decision data on one panel

F = Complaint data only.

If F is selected, decisions must be registered in 'Complaint. Open Decision' (MOS520).

(MOS593/E) Decision update … whether it should be possible to enter the complaint and the decision simultaneously in (MOS500).
(MOS593/E) Complaint status

… the default status of the complaint.

The valid alternatives are:

20 = Open

31 = On hold

32 = On hold with restriction.

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